What is it that makes a business great? According to some of the best leaders such as Brian Tracy, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and even Warren Buffet, it's definitely the people!

At Luminous Recruitment (Pty) Ltd, we love helping businesses reach their goals by sourcing quality talent. We are fulfilled by helping people reach their career goals and ideal work environment, and we thrilled when we make that perfect match. 

Are you looking for a hard to find skill, that will improve your business success, profitability, efficiency, culture or performance? Are you looking for a more rewarding career, a better manager, work environment, financial prospects and opportunity to improve your life? Let us help you.



When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower" - Alexander Den Heijer

.Net Developer (Cape Town - CBD)

R30000 - R50 000pm, excluding allowances and performance bonus

Do you have experience using cutting edge .Net, SQL and Devops technologies? Join this industry leader and take your career to new heights! Join this fantastic team and and enjoy excellent career prospects. Email your CV to lee@lumrecruit.co.za


Senior Java Developer (Johannesburg and Cape Town)

R60 000 - R100 000 pm, excluding bonuses

Do you have 5 years or more of experience programming on Java EE, Object orientation, Spring and Maven? Have you successfully mentored junior staff? Join this international software provider, working on cutting edge technology, complex projects and take your skills to new heights!

Devops Support Engineer (Somerset West)

R 35 000 - R48 000 pm, excluding bonuses

Do you have 2 years or more of experience working as a Devops Support engineer or or programming in enterprise software? Is Linux and Git/SVN, part of your strengths? Join this winning team, in a flexible working environment and create a brighter and happier future for yourself.

Senior Java GUI Developer (Somerset West)

R50 000 - R75 000 pm

Join this industry leading software provider and take control of your career! If you have 5 years or more of experience on Javascript, CSS, HTML, Angular and bootstrap, then this is your golden ticket to a brighter future, a great working environment and getting involved on projects at the forefront of technology.

Business Banker (Cape Town - CBD)

R12 000 - R15 000 pm, excluding commission and bonuses

Do you have a Bcom/BSc degree in Finance/Commerce from one of SA's leading universities? Do you enjoy meeting new people and creating opportunities of success for yourself and others? Join this elite business bank and elevate your business, sales and banking skills to a world class level! If you are looking for fantastic financial and career prospects, look no further.

C#/.Net Developer (Century City, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Rondebosch)

R30 000 - R80 000  pm (Intermediate to Senior)

Do you have 3 - 7 years of success in programming on SQL, C# and .Net technologies? Are you looking for a new challenge that will elevate your career and skills, whilst enjoying work life balance? This opportunity could be your golden ticket, to everything, you have ever wanted.

Java Developer (Century City, Rondebosch and Johannesburg)

R30 0000 - R100 000pm, excluding bonuses

If you have a track record as a java programmer, and want an opportunity that will give you exposure to the latest technologies, excellent financial prospects and limitless career growth. This industry leader, offers a flexible working environment and great benefits, so email your CV to lee@lumrecruit.co.za

BI Analyst (Rondebosch)

Salary highly negotiable

Do you have 3-5 years of Business analysis and Business intelligence experience within the financial services industry? If you would love to work on more advanced projects, that can transcend your career, this is the golden opportunity, for you!

Senior Business Analyst (Rondesbosch)

Salary highly negotiable (Above market related)

Do you have an IT diploma or degree and 5 years of experience business analysis with exposure to microsoft technologies?

This global player in the software industry, at the forefront of technology has an opportunity to join their winning team! They offer excellent career prospects and work flexibility, as well as top financial incentives.

Customer Service Associate and Technical Support Associate (Remote/ Virtual)

Salary R13 000 per Month Cost to company

Are you a South African citizen or resident, with Grade 12, a clear criminal record and uncapped Fibre Internet Connection at home? Do you have eperience in custmer service or technical support? Become part of this winning team and grow your career and skills, even further! This  global and exceptional company to work for offers fantastic rewards and a flexible working environment.

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Hiring skilled talent is more significant than ever before. Luminous Recruitment Pty (Ltd) have the tools to connect companies with the best recruits, as well as connect applicants with the right jobs.   We have a track record of Specialist Recruitment for rare skills, Bulk Recruitment of critical or entry level skills, Project management, Enterprise and Supplier development, Sales Training and Motivational/ Strategic Speaking.


Our clients and candidates trust us because we listen, under promise, take accountability and deliver quanitifiable results. We can help you find the right skills, that match your culture and goals. See what some of our clients have said about us, and get in touch so we can help you, your team and company.

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Executive and Specialist search

We know how difficult and time consuming it can be to find the right person for your business.

The best talent is in short supply and are seldom actively looking for a new employer, because they are doing well and being looked after by their current employers.

Our track record of longevity of placements illustrates how much attention, care and we focus we invest in candidate and client relationships, needs and goals. Whatever your needs may be, we are here for you. We love advancing peoples lives and businesses.

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Career Consulting

Whatever stage of your life and career you are at, Luminous Recruitment (Pty) Ltd can help you. We have opportunities across sectors but focus on IT, Engineering and Financial industries.

Our unique approach allows us to better understand the needs, strengths and goals of applicants, to match them to opportunities that that advance their lives and careers.

Job Interview

Matching top people, with their dream companies

Here at Luminous Recruitment Pty. Ltd. we focus on sourcing best-in-class candidates for rewarding positions in South Africa, and we specialize in the world of permanent and fixed contract positions. Contact us to let us know what you’re interested in and send us your CV so that we may help you find the right position best suited for your qualifications and skills.


Luminous Talent Insights



September 25, 2017

Be Ready!

Success or failure is not a result from a single event, but rather an outcome from our daily habits and behaviour, which stem from our thinking and beliefs. When we face a problem or an obstacle, our philosophy is a great determining factor on how we view, perceive and react to the problem. Depending on how we see it, an obstacle can be an opportunity, a challenge or a problem. This is what differentiates someone that feels empowered by a challenge, and the person that feels it is too much to handle. Is the problem happening for you, or against you?

Whatever happens to you, will not be the deciding factor of your success, but rather what you do about it. We have heard about successful people that have overcome massive obstacles and have still reached their dreams. Oprah Winfrey was abused as a child, Richard Branson was in prison prior to becoming a millionaire, and even Sylvester Stallone was homeless before achieving his dream.

Each of these outstanding people, faced challenges and had to overcome failure. What made them successful, was the fact that they kept improving and preparing themselves by becoming better leaders, speakers, actors, etc. They did not focus on short terms results but rather what they had to do in order to be a Hollywood actor, own a TV show or a a billion dollar company. They knew that there were skills that they had to learn.

If you want a new job opportunity as a developer or salesman or PA, ask yourself, "what are my strengths and what do I enjoy?" If you love interacting and speaking to people, start working on your listening skills, speaking, communicating, empathy, etc. If you want to become a PA, start working on your typing skills, spelling, computer skills, communication, etc. If you want to build a successful company and be a leader your team can trust, start with your existing relationships. Start caring and showing genuine love for people, see the best in them and find a common ground. This might seem basic but it builds a habit of being authentic and building influence, which is essential to leadership. John Maxwell: "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care". By getting ready for your dream, you can recognise and capitalise on the right opportunities that come to you. if you don't feel confident, capable, resourceful, brave, ready, etc. then you cannot make the most of the right opportunity. Jim Rohn: "Success is something you attract, by the person you become". The next time you make a mistake, remember that when you get better, life gets better and that failure and making mistakes are part of the journey, but will not stop you if you know what you want, and are prepared to learn and do whatever it takes.

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Data on a Touch Pad

Septmeber 16, 2017

4 Simple ways to retain your top people!

Finding the best people for your business can be a huge challenge and investment on it's own. Once you onboard new members, they have to go through some basic orientation, depending on their position. People might only only start producing once they know what do do and understand the existing products, systems, processes, goals, etc , which means retaining the right people is even more important, for any business to succeed!

Often, what attracts someone to a new company and position, is not the same reasons that make them stay. People might say they are leaving for a challenge, growth, better working environment, higher salary, career ambitions or goals, but they stay at companies for very different reasons. Taking on a new position is a challenge, having a few new responsibilities provides some growth, getting a better salary or job title boosts the confidence initially, but what makes the top people stay and perform at a company? After interviewing and placing staff across industries for over 10 years, we have identified certain trends that have kept people loyal and also pushed those same people out of a very "comfortable" environment. How does this benefit a company, you may ask? A new staff member only starts producing profits from 6-24 months depending on their position, and thereafter start producing even more effectively, as they become more efficient and productive. In my first position as a Recruiter in 2008, my target was R40 000 per month, which was hard to reach consistently. After 3 years, I was consistently exceeding a sales target of R120 000 per month. Not every employee will improve 300% over 3 years but with the right attitude, environment, mindset and leadership everything is possible. At that very same company, so many of my colleagues left but many other top recruiters stayed and felt it was the right place and challenge to reach some of our goals at the time.. Here are a few reasons why I stayed in such a tough working environment with high staff turnover.

1. A culture of accountability and fairness. We were given accountability, power and authority to make decisions and also take ownership of results. Excuses were not accepted. When we didn't get the results, we had to ask ourselves a few simple questions, what can I do to get the result? How can I change and improve to get the result?  What have I done well and how can I improve? On a weekly basis, we asked our self. What did I do well? What can I do better? Who can help me? Who can i speak to and what can I read? The Japanese refer to it as the Kaizen principle, which stands for continuous improvement. We can only improve when we take ownership of results and decide that we can, will and want to change.

2. Growth and learning. We received training on sales, recruitment, emotions, personalities, business development and various other development programmes on a weekly basis. What really made the difference was what we did with the training. It is scientifically proven that 5% of information is retained from a traditional classroom training setting, however, once we practice what we learn, we can retain up to 50% and when we teach someone else, we retain 90%.

3. Empathetic leadership. After one of my worse performance reviews, my manager wrote me a card, saying how happy he was to have me in his team and how much potential I had to do Recruitment, when nobody else believed in me. I worked till 10pm on Monday to Friday, came in on weekends and worked longer hours. I was so determined to make a success and I didn't want to disappoint him. Persistence in return became a habit because he made me feel invaluable and like he cares and that made me listen to what he had to say, even when it was negative.

4. Fantastic financial and career rewards. I started a new job in November 2011 at Euromonitor in Century City. It was a time, that I decided it was time to own a property. The only way I could do this, was to close big deals and achieve the $17 000 dollar per month target, which I did. When I looked at the team statistics, I saw that my call rate, presentation, failure and hit rate was the highest in the team. Knowing I could reach my and the companies financial goals as well as being recognised, inspired me to learn and do more than what was expected of me.

Every staff member expects their salary at the end of the month. When people know that staff who do more and give more and achieve more, get rewarded, acknowledge and appreciated, then it creates a culture of excellence and motivation. Some leaders and people, don't need this but this incentive invites everyone to give their best and encourages as well as recognises the best in everyone.

As Richard Branson often says, "Look after your staff and they will look after your customers". When you appreciate someone, whether it's a loved one, customer, manager, colleague, etc. they can feel it and it is the start of a beautiful relationship.

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Successful Manager

January 16, 2018

Unique ways companies benefit from using one, (good) recruitment company exclusively.

Many companies engage multiple recruitment companies to fill positions in order to find "more" CV's. The assumption here is that each recruitment company will commit 100% to fill the position, and find the best candidates that are passively and actively looking. This could not be farther from the truth. When a company utilizes the services of multiple agencies, they create competition and a perception that they are not "expecting" one company to take responsibility and accountability. Not every recruiter can work this way, but the one that you trust and is committed to helping you, can hep you in many ways. In one of my recent assignments, a client was able able to tap into passive candidates, that were not looking and not listed with another agency or job portal. This same client struggled to fill a position for over 6 months, even though they were using a preferred supplier list of 5 agencies. if you have a poor supplier, having two or three more, does not mean quality, it just gives you more of the same. When you are looking for quantity and not quality, it is a great idea to engage with multiple agencies. Companies usually don't want masses of CV's because they have limited time, high work demands as well as high quota's and targets. Let's face it, one quality candidate will get the job, so seeing more, doesn't necessarily mean better.

1. Quality candidates. The best applicants are normally being looked after and are not looking. If you want the ideal skills, often these people are not actively looking for a position. This requires proactive searching techniques, which is not as easy as getting CV's from a job portal or placing an advert. A good recruiter will do both and provide you with market research and a comparison, on why this person is best for your company and can help you to reach your goals.

2. Commitment and accountability from your supplier. If a company gives 100% to understanding your business, goals and needs as well as the market, you have a higher chance of getting what you want faster. If nobody is responsible, who will be accountable for results or the lack thereof?

3. Better employer branding. When multiple agencies advertise the same position, it looks like the company is struggling to find people to apply to their  company, or they seem as though they have high staff turnover and are "always" advertising. If one agency says the wrong thing or misrepresents the company, the employers brand is negatively impacted and the candidate seldom wants to apply there again.

4. Better relationships. When you engage with one company that really partners with you on the journey and understands your needs and cares about your business. That company will focus on finding the right person, that matches your culture and goals, it's not a transaction, but rather a relationship of empathy and trust that grows. This also means that the company will treat new employees or potential candidates with the same respect and care, and will improve your brand and your reputation.

5. Save you time. Jim Rohn, who was the mentor of the famous Anthony Robbins, often says, you can get more money, but you cannot get more time and therefore, time is more precious than money. If you have 5 agencies that you work with, you have to brief each of them, return their calls and emails, view their CV's, provide feedback and updates on each CV, interview, etc. Instead of interviewing 3 candidates, you can end up interviewing 15. Why are you using an agency to recruit for you, if you are still doing all the work and cannot use your time in more valuable areas for you? Isn't is better to use an agency that can save you 24  - 48 working hours on activities that do not benefit you? What can an extra week of productively, revenue and sales do for your business?

6. Save you money and make you more profits. In 2010, I worked with a client called MTU exclusively, and placed an mechanical engineer. That person is still with the company in 2018. I wanted to find the best person for the position but also for the team and company. It's the intention that counts but someone that only wants to "place" or "fill" a position will do just that.

From my experience it is better to form a strong relationship with the right company, than to use multiple suppliers, in the hope that "someone" will get lucky but you don't really have the time to give the right brief, updates, feedback ,etc. Happy Recruiting!

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