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11 Simple ways to make people like and trust you

I've often see the applicant with inferior skills, that was more liked, getting the job over the person with more experience and better skills. Companies are made up of people and those people want to be around others that they feel comfortable. To be fair, we spend more time at work, than with our family and as much as getting the job done is important, it is that much better, when you like the people around you. If you are looking for staff, investors, a job, friends, customers and even partners, being liked is a major part to securing and maintaining these relationships. I am not suggesting that everyone will like you, because that is impossible but it will help you progress faster, influence more people and reach your goals.

1. Smile. People make up their mind about whether they like you before you speak. When you smile, you look better, feel better and are perceived as more approachable.

2. Keep your shoulders to the back, to exude confidence

3. Say the person's name when you meet them or have a conversation with them. Not at every sentence but fairly often.

4. Be a good listener. When you listen to others first, they are more likely to listen to you. Only by understanding someone else's point of view, can you really connect and influence them. Don't just listen to what people are saying, but listen to their tone, their pitch, look at their body language. Hearing someone is easy but listening takes a lot of energy.

5. Ask questions that show you care and are interested. Asking someone what is important to them and why, can really build so much rapport and respect and shows you are interested. When you don't ask questions and start assuming, that is where miscommunication happens.

6. Show eye contact when you talk. Don't stare but show a fair amount of eye contact to show your interest in the other person.

7. Mirror the recipients body language, tone, speech, communication style and speed of communication to build rapport. I am not saying that you should copy every move of the person you are speaking to but you can mirror some of their actions to create a connection. People like those people that are similar to themselves.

8. Empathise. Before making any assumptions or suggestions, try to see things and the situation from the other persons perspective.

9. See the best in others and in yourself. I am not saying that we should ignore the negatives but what I am saying is that we can encourage the best in ourselves and others by focusing on that. Telling someone everything that is wrong with them and what they are doing, makes them defensive and they will live up to your expectations or just avoid you.So if you do have to criticize, mention some good areas first, to illustrate your diplomacy and fairness.

10. Ask your audience what they enjoy. It is proven that when people talk about what makes them happy, they become happier and feel good. Thus they will want to spend more time with you.

11. Be honest and align your words and actions

12. Want more for others than you want for yourself

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