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7 tips to create your best CV ever

The best way to showcase your talent and abilities prior to meeting any potential employers are via your CV (Unless you have a fantastic reputation and track record). Some elements are more important than others and many things can sabotage your chances of landing your dream job!

1. Add your location and Nationality. This is important for many reasons and can save you and potential employers a lot of time.

2. Describe the industry of your employer. Don't assume that everyone knows the company you work for.

3. List your highest qualifications and date of completion.

4. List your greatest achievements, in terms of saving time, money and costs and improving efficiency, productivity, workflow,increasing turnover, etc.

5. List your reasons for leaving in the positive. For example you can say you want a better work environment, instead of saying, my colleagues were negative.

6. Use one Font. This just makes your CV more presentable and easier on the eye.

7. Use spellcheck. It might seem like common sense but often people forget to update their CV's and take the detail for granted.

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